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Creating an Immersive Experience with Spiritbox


For the Eternal Blue Tour 2023, Canadian band Spiritbox wanted to push traditional concert aesthetic boundaries and create an immersive, cinematic experience for their fans.


Lenny Sasso from Sonus Productions drew inspiration from “The Mandalorian” and virtual production trends as he designed a curved LED video wall using IRiS GT3 XL panels to draw the crowd in.


The new wall was a huge success and created an unforgettable live experience for fans, who gave rave reviews like “It’s the greatest production I’ve ever seen!” and “The visuals are amazing!”

When Spiritbox began preparing for their Eternal Blue Tour 2023, they wanted to create an immersive, cinematic experience for fans. Drawing inspiration from “The Mandalorian” and virtual production trends Lenny Sasso of Sonus Productions designed a massive curved LED videowall using IRiS® GT3™ XL panels to cocoon the stage in an adaptive backdrop. 

“This wall is definitely a step up from our last one,”  said Lenny Sasso of Sonus Productions. “We noticed some really cool things when we went with the curved wall. For instance, there aren’t any ‘dead spots’ in the audience and the color blends seamlessly from panel to panel.”


500x1000mm, 3.9mm Pixel Pitch Touring Panel

Bringing Cinema to Clubs 

To make a masterpiece, you need the right tools. IRiS LED video panels are designed for specific applications, like pro touring or permanent install displays, that are noticeable in the details. “The durability of these panels is incredible, you can tell they were designed for touring,” said Lenny. “Rigging and swapping modules is easy and the touring carts are a great bonus.”

No Fears for 7 Years™

Each panel is QC’d before it is shipped out, and comes with the industry’s only No Fears for 7 Years™ limited warranty, to make sure the show always goes on.

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Credit to

Tour Manager/ProductionManager/FOH: Parker Mullinix

Creative Director:  Lenny Sasso, DrewMercadante, Courtney LaPlante

Lighting Designer: Lenny Sasso

Lighting Director: Colton Sellers

Video Producer:

Screens Programmer: Drew Mercadante

Animators: Drew Mercadante, Matt Keppler, GrantBouvier, Ciara Hegli, Jaxon Graham

Media Server Operator: Aly Vandenberg



Ana Massard

Brandon Acosta

Alex Bemis

Vendor: Sonus Productions, a full-service production company that specializes inproviding high quality production and touring services.



1 GrandMA3 Light

1 SUPERVOID SVX-1 Media Server


8 Ayrton Mistral

9 Robe Tetra2

54 Blizzard IRiS Icon 3.9mm XL Video Panels

1 Barco RLM-W14 Projector

1 Darknet Kabuki Fabric