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IRiS GT3 video puts on a show with Trixie & Katya


To kick off the North American leg of their World Tour at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in NYC, Trixie & Katya Live knew they needed to make a bold statement with an LED video wall.


Sonus Productions worked with the show’s video department director Alvin Tucker to outfit the tour with a 4x15 video wall made up of 60 Blizzard IRiS® GT3™ XL panels.


The new LED video wall transformed the live show experience with its vibrant and dynamic visuals that captivate the audience’s attention and enhance their overall engagement.

Blizzard Lighting is honored to be part of Trixie & Katya Live's tour, which kicked off at the iconic Radio City Music Hall in NYC, using 60 IRiS® GT3™ XL LED video panels to create a visually stunning experience for the audience. The IP65-rated pro touring video wall was provided by Sonus Production.

RuPaul’s Drag Race legends, stars of UNHhhh and New York Times Bestselling authors, Trixie & Katya embarked on their first-ever shared theatrical tour across the United States. They promised a show unlike anything they had ever done before, a virtuosic feat of dancing, acting, costumes, props, wigs, music and exclusive merch; and they needed a video wall that emphasized the extravagant excitement of the show.


500x1000mm, 3.9mm Pixel Pitch Touring Panel

“The IRiS GT3 XL panels are a really great product overall,” said Alvin Tucker, Video Department Director for Trixie & Katya Live. “Over the course of my career I’ve worked with many different brands, like Roe and Chauvet. I had heard about Blizzard’s line from others out on the road and was excited to try them out. The colors are vibrant, and changing brains is super easy, we’ve even changed them in the air.”

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Live shows are a thrilling and dynamic experience, but they can also be a high-stress environment with tight deadlines. When it comes to creating an impressive video wall for a live performance, having access to high-quality panels in a timely manner is essential. IRiS panels are in stock and ready to ship nationwide from Blizzard Lighting’s headquarters in Wisconsin. 

No Fears for 7 Years™

Blizzard Lighting QCs every panel before it is shipped out, and offers the industry’s only No Fears for 7 Years™ limited warranty to make sure the show always goes on.

Credit to

Sonus Productions, a full-service production company that specializes in providing high quality production and touring services.

The Trixie & Katya Live Video Team

Video Director: Alvin Tucker

Camera 1: Allistar McQueen 

Camera 2: Mikey Jirku

Camera 3: Jeremy Creamer

Playback Tech: Ekatarina Doolittle


Devan Brown & Tyler Hahn